Spaghetti with brown champignons and cherry tomatoes

Hi everyone! Today I have a really simple and delicious pasta recipe that you can prepare in less than half an hour. I am pretty sure that the lovers of Italian cuisine will like it 🙂 

I really love pasta and I always experiment with different ingredients. I do not really follow any authentic Italian rules because I believe that there are no rules in cooking. All you need is to follow your instinct and to experiment a bit with different food ingredients to find the best combination for you. Lately I have been trying to upgrade my basic Aglio olio pasta recipe and I combined it with brown champignons and red onion sautéed on white wine. At the end I added just few cherry tomatoes that give a  dish a whole new fresh flavour but not overwhelming at all. My personal tip is: Do not forget fresh parsley. Fresh herbs always make a difference.


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